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The city of Heidenheim

Heidenheim is situated between Stuttgart and Munich, just north of Ulm and forms part of the "Schwäbische Alb" in the South of Germany.


The name "Heidenheim" was first mentioned in documents in the 8th century as a small village consisting mainly of farms. The city was founded in connection with the building of the castle at the beginning of the 12th century. It began as a castle settlement and was given ''market right'' in 1356. The castle itself was destroyed by a fire in 1530. It was rebuilt at the end of the 15th century and some ruins still remain today. In the so-called ''Knights' Hall'' there are music festivals and operas held every summer. Heidenheim's development as a city began in the early 19th century with the progression of the metalworking and textile industries. The most influential companies being J.M. Voith, Paul Hartmann and Carl Zeiss. Today, Heidenheim is the economic center of the region.


Heidenheim has a very moderate climate. The temperature is given in Celsius. In the winter months, the temperature is usually between -10° to +10°C, and in the summer it ranges between +20° to +30°C. Keep in mind that these temperatures are an average and you will find that most cities in Germany can have very different weather patterns during any of the seasons.

Transit Costs

Transit costs within Heidenheim and the surrounding areas are very reasonable. Buses and trains are frequently used modes of travel within and between cities; they are reliable and consist of an intricate network to bring you anywhere you wish to go. City bus tickets may be purchased from the bus driver. Train tickets may be purchased at the ticket counter in the train station (Bahnhof), or from the automatic ticket machines, but not on the trains. For longer trips you can get tickets from a travel agency (Reisebüro). Taxis are available, but tend to be expensive.

The Region

Heidenheim is very conveniently located in the middle of some of the most scenic places in Germany. It is near the border to Bavaria, with all its restored and well kept castles, and it is also near the Rhine river, where you can travel and see ruins of castles every few kilometers.

You can take the train to every city in the country, and it is very easy to make train trips to all cities in Europe. Within few hours you can be in Munich, Stuttgart, Nueremberg, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Tuebingen, Rothenburg ob der Tauber (only 100 km), Freiburg, and of course, the most famous castle of all - Neuschwanstein (the inspiration for the Walt Disney Castle). It is also possible to take the train or a coach to the capital city, Berlin, in approximately 7 hours.

Germany is bordered by nine countries: Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Poland. All of these countries are worth a visit and very easy to get to from Heidenheim.